Turismo do Algarve is confident that the new Azores Airlines operation, which connects Ponta Delgada to Faro, will bring good prospects for strengthening the Algarve’s relationship with the US and Canadian markets, in addition to providing the region with greater connectivity at the level of the internal market.

The new Azores Airlines flight which, since yesterday, has been connecting Ponta Delgada to Faro, promises to be a key piece in the promotion strategy that Turismo do Algarve has defined for the US and Canadian markets.With the increase in demand for indirect connections to the Algarve that has been registered, as a result of the growing interest of North Americans in this destination, this new route brings promising perspectives for strengthening the region’s relationship with these markets.In addition to the direct connection to the Azores, this operation allows viable connections to the Algarve, via Ponta Delgada, to destinations such as the United States (Boston and New York, JKF), Canada (Toronto and Montreal) and Funchal in the period from June to October this year.This greater air connectivity to the North American continent thus opens up new opportunities for the region, as the expectation of a greater number of tourists from the USA and Canada traveling to the Algarve, stopping in the Azores, is high. Also internally, the outlook is positive, as the new route reinforces the connection between the Algarve and the island destinations of the Azores and Madeira.

It should be remembered that Turismo do Algarve plans to carry out 15 promotional actions specifically aimed at the North American market by the end of the year, which include field visits with tour operators, journalists and influencers.These initiatives aim to encourage a greater number of visits to the region and contribute to ensuring the viability and possible extension of this and other routes that connect the Algarve to the North American continent.